Firetail Daq announce web based Temperature Measurement

Accurate Temperature Measurement via the Internet
Firetail DAQ  introduces Web-enabled temperature DAQ from MCC


Measurement Computing Corporation, a market leader in low-cost data acquisition, announced the release of two Web-enabled temperature input devices, the WEB-TEMP and the WEB-TC, which allow users to take measurements and monitor them via the Internet.  

The new products, modeled after MCC’s popular USB-TEMP and the USB-TC products, have corresponding performance, but are Ethernet compatible with built-in Web servers that write temperature data to their own Web page for immediate Internet access from virtually everywhere!

 “Besides the convenience of internet accessibility, these new Web modules are inexpensive, have excellent accuracy, and can be set up in seconds.” explains Roger Cawsey of Firetail DAQ,  Measurement Computing’s Australian Distributor, “When you type in the unit’s URL, the ready-to-use WEB-TEMP website opens to the temperature page—an environment that lets you select units, set alarms, and configure sensors from your browser. No application development required.”

The WEB-TEMP provides eight temperature input channels, each supporting all of the common temperature sensors (J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B thermocouples;  2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTDs; thermistors, and semiconductor temperature sensors), and 8 bits of digital I/O. Each channel of the WEB-TEMP is capable of monitoring any of the supported input types, so users can mix and match the sensor to the measurement without additional signal conditioning. Moreover, the internal measurement electronics accuracy of the WEB-TEMP vastly exceeds the accuracy specifications of the temperature sensors, thereby recording the most accurate data possible. The WEB-TC specifications are similar to those of the WEB-TEMP, but support thermocouple sensors only.

All eight WEB-TEMP (or WEB-TC) inputs have 500 VDC isolation to the power supply and Ethernet port, protecting both the computer and the input device from damage.

The WEB-TEMP and WEB-TC ship with an impressive array of software included in the MCC DAQ Software CD. The disk includes applications, drivers, and libraries that meet the needs of programmers and nonprogrammers alike.


      TracerDAQ®:                            Powerful, out-of-the-box DAQ application features Strip Chart, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, and Rate Generator virtual instruments.

      InstaCal:                                 Easy-to-use installation, calibration, and test utility.

      Universal Library™:                   Programming library for developing applications to control Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware using Windows and .NET programming languages.

      UL for LabVIEW:                   LabVIEW drivers for Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware.


About Measurement Computing

Measurement Computing Corporation is the data acquisition market leader in the design and manufacture of low-priced, computer-based, test and measurement hardware and software. They offer a broad selection of hardware products for analog input, analog output, and digital I/O, supporting USB, wireless, Ethernet, PCI, ISA, PCMCIA, and PC/104 buses, plus serial and GPIB interface products, and a growing line of remote data loggers. They also offer software solutions for the programmer and non-programmer alike, with drivers for popular graphical programming languages such as LabVIEW. Measurement Computing was founded in 1989, and markets its products throughout the world. For more information, visit