Fatigue reduced, injuries eliminated with G-Force synchronised lifting

G-SyncTM Technology consists of two G-Force iQ actuators that are mounted on separate bridges and connected through a communication cable that runs within the enclosed tube of the work station crane’s runway.

The two actuators communicate back and forth, ensuring that they are perfectly in sync throughout the lift cycle. The operator maintains total control of both units through one pendant handle, which is connected to the “master” unit.

The bridges move independently along the runways to allow trays of all sizes to be moved. A buffer is placed between the bridges to prevent them from getting too close.

Workers quickly adapt to the Gorbel system and it has proven to be a reliable way to move long loads without risking injury.

Using G-SyncTM Technology from Safetech, operators are now able to lift long metal trays by attaching both G-Force units to either end. By controlling the lift from one pendant handle, the operator safely lifts the load in one synchronised motion which keeps the load balanced and easy to position on shipping carts.

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