Fanuc super heavy payload robot gives industry a lift

John Hart Automation and Robotics has released the Fanuc M-2000iA super heavy payload robot to the Australian market.

Weighing almost 10 tonne, the M-2000iA is the largest and strongest handling robot available.

Two payload variants of the M-2000iA are available, a 900kg and 1200kg version respectively.

The 900kg version has a maximum reach of 4.7m with a vertical stroke of 6.7m, which can easily replace dedicated lifting gear and hoists.

The M-2000iA/1200 boasts the most powerful robot wrist available, with a software option the maximum payload increases to 1350kg.

With the capacity to transport loads of 1000kg up to 1055mm from the roll face of the wrist, the Fanuc M-2000iA/1200 is a truly functional one tonne robot.

The M-2000iA robot series expands robotic automation into areas that previously were only deemed possible with heavy dedicated equipment or complex multiple coordinated robot systems.

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