Fairytale with a happy ending for warehouse solutions group

Once upon a time, in a small office set over the front of a factory in Dandenong, Victoria, an aging, streetwise wheeler and dealer owned a business.

“My business has massive potential and is sitting here like a bud ready to bloom,” he said.

A question was asked of him. “How long has it been ready to bloom?”

“Oh, not long. Only about ten years,” was his reply.

His company had a reputation of making the strongest pallet racking system, but it lacked the quality and consistency of finish.

“Not one collapse in 18 years of business,” the man said proudly. “But we just can’t seem to sell it.”

I looked around at the yard in front of the factory and asked: “Sell a little secondhand gear too, do you?”

“Yep, that’s all mine. And, out at one of our installer’s farms, I have another yard full of racking just like that,” he replied.

It was like a modern day fairytale. A business that typified the little Aussie battler – a small Australian manufacturing company battling the “big boys” but weighed down by the origins of its existence.

Opposition companies knew his business existed. In fact, most of them had purchased from him at some stage. His was a company full of experience, knowledge, and manufacturing skill. It seemed to be one of the best kept secrets of the industry. It seemed that the rest of the world had simply passed it by.

Then, came the question: “Would you like to join us and help us grow the company?”

And now, as is often the way with all the best fairy tales, I am writing this as the owner of that business, two and a half years later. Well, all I can say is, it’s been a hell of a ride!

New tooling, more mills, more staff, a quality control system, a major clean up, computer software, outlets in three states – with three in Melbourne – a product range that started with pallet racking and now extends to one of Australia’s largest range of warehouse equipment and storage solutions.

Today Advanced Warehouse Solutions supplies warehouses, workshops, and offices in every type of business with customized storage options and equipment.

Their range includes:

  • Pallet racking
  • Work shop storage systems
  • Pallet live storage
  • Live carton storage
  • Roller racking
  • Cabled storage
  • Drum storage
  • Counter lever racking
  • Warehouse signage
  • Safety signage
  • Long span shelving
  • Light weight shelving
  • Gondola shelving
  • Office shelving
  • Filing systems
  • Safety rails, guards & bollards
  • Storage bins
  • Stillages and cages
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Compacters
  • Vertical carousels
  • Vertical lift units
  • Raised storage areas
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Fully automatic warehousing
  • Conveyor systems
  • High speed warehouse doors
  • Chemical spill kits
  • Traffic control cones
  • Barrier chains
  • Hi Quality Toolboxes
  • Freight damage prevention
  • Shrink wrap machinery


Advanced Warehouse Solutions offers services ranging from design and drafting, racking and safety audits, warehouse and office relocations, to pallet racking installations.

The company is committed to customer service. Dedicated staff work closely with clients to develop the best, cost effective storage systems.

From humble beginnings, Advanced Warehouse Solutions has grown into an industry leader.

That original Aussie battler may be gone, but not forgotten.

“There’s just another one in his place,” says managing director, Lindsay Henderson.

Lindsay and his three sons, Ashley, Sam and Daniel see a long, successful future ahead.

As a member of the Australian Industry Group, Advanced Warehouse Solutions is committed to working with its customers and other Australian businesses to ensure the future efficiency and profitability of Australian manufacturing.

“I’m proud to say Advanced Warehouse Solutions can now stand tall amongst the industry giants, and ‘battle’ them on a more even playing field,” says Lindsay.

A happy ending? Just like a fairytale?

No, not really, just the beginning.

Advanced Warehouse Solutions
Ph: 03 9314 1177