Fabrication with the G-Force


Fabrication center that focuses on cathodic e-coating, powder coating, parts washing and assembly.


This application involves transferring 54 lb. trailer hitch assemblies from one assembly line to another.

Product Chosen:

Gorbel G-Force™

Benefits of this Product:

The customer loves their G-Force™ unit because:

  • The ease of operation meant that operators could readily adjust to it.  Now they're eager to use it!
  • The work area is now safer and more efficient.
  • Greater productivity means more profits.


Prior to the G-Force™,  the part was being manually transferred from line to line.  It is an extremely awkward part that was heavy and difficult to move so frequently.

The customer wanted an alternative that would:

  • Improve productivity.
  • Eliminate several positions on the line so employees could be moved to other jobs in the facility.