ExoFit harness provides comfort and security

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand solely dedicated to the fall protection market, has
launched its new ExoFit XP Derrickman’s Harness.

DBI-SALA has designed a purpose built harness specifically for the Derrickman to perform monkey/tubing board and basket work.

”The work of a Derrickman is both highly
skilled and extremely dangerous, says Rick Millar, technical manager for Capital Safety, Australia and NZ.

“They are exposed to the greatest risks of any worker with regards to falling on a drilling rig.

“A comfortable and functional harness is critical to the smooth and safe operations
on the board”.

The harness has been constructed will all the necessary features to allow the Derrickman to safely lean out from the work platform (monkey board) to reach the drill pipe in the centre of the derrick or mast.

The optional Derrick belt with large frontal pad provides extra comfort while positioning drilling pipes.

Capital Safety
Ph: 1800 245 002