Exciting New Range for Gerni


In addition to recent Gerni domestic machines, Gerni is excited to launch a new range of Hot Water, Cold Water and Stationary Professional High Pressure Washers.

The new Hot Water Range – also known as the  Neptune range is the most innovative hot water line on the market and spans from compact to heavy duty lines. The new  range guarantees improved cleaning results for greasy or heavy duty cleaning jobs in sectors such as automotive, industry and agricultural.

The Poseidon Cold Water Range comprises of medium to heavy duty pressure washers. Coping with cleaning most jobs from small tools on a building site to sandblasting graffiti on concrete surfaces to the daily cleaning of trucks, skips and rail carriages, the Poseidon range will benefit sectors such as industry, agriculture and food industry.

The new Stationary range offers a range of possibilities allowing machines to be installed at any location around a professional site.

The new Gerni professional range will be launched in May 2007 and Gerni is excited about its future prospects.