Exair compact vacuum generators ideal for tight spaces

Exair’s new Modular E-Vac Vacuum Generators are a series of low cost, compressed air powered vacuums for lifting, “pick and place”, clamping, chucking, and surface mounting applications.

These vacuum pumps provide instant response and are available in many sizes that offer a variety of vacuum levels and flow rates. They are maintenance free and have no moving parts to wear out.

Modular E-Vac Vacuum Generators have a high efficiency, single-stage design that minimizes air consumption, provides increased cycle speeds, and eliminates fluctuations in vacuum.

The lightweight, aluminium construction is compact and easy to install at the point of use.

This makes them ideal for lifting applications where fast attach and release times are needed.

Mounting holes are provided.

The Modular E-Vac Vacuum Generators are available in two styles.

Seven low vacuum units up to 21” Hg (71 kPa) generate more airflow to overcome
porosity and leakage when used with porous materials such as cardboard.

Seven high vacuum units up to 27” Hg (91 kPa) are ideal for non-porous materials such as glass, steel sheet, and plastic.

Kit configurations that include vacuum cups, fittings, tubing and a mounting clip are

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