Eriez Magnetics: attracting plenty of attention

Eriez Magnetics’ vibratory feeders have a Hi-Vimagnetic drive circuit which provides a simple yet powerful solution for difficult material feeding applications.

The feeders, with their totally enclosed magnetic drive, can feed practically any bulk
material from micron size to bulky chunks.

The drive has no sliding or rotating parts and power consumption is low.

Control is via a compact variable transformer which provides a step-less increase from 0-100 per cent.

Additionally SCR units that can be remotely controlled for automated operation are available.

The feeders can be supplied with trays fitted with screens, covers or with impact wear
resistant liners.

Eriez manufactures a wide range of permanent and electromagnetic separators for handling bulk materials and even liquids.

Powerful rare earth permanent magnetic elements can be fitted in grate and plate magnets for removing fine iron contamination.

The units are available with all stainless steel construction and sanitary finish for food applications.

The Eriez range of metal detectors includes models suitable for mining, industrial and food applications.

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