Ensuring Australians Use Safe Pallet Racking

Are you receiving the correct information regarding the Chinese imported pallet racking? Is it a myth or just a way of eliminating healthy competition?

Alpha Racking invites you to receive information first hand, and dispel rumours regarding Chinese pallet racking as inferior to other well known brand names in the industry.

In the last twelve months, there has been a lot of unfounded speculation circulating in the market that pallet racking imported from China, has not been tested and rated in accordance with Australian Standard AS4084-1993. Of course this is not the case, as it would be in breach of our codes of practice and OH&S laws. It is also well known in the industry, that pallet racking is being imported from other Asian countries such as Malaysia, and must also comply with the AS4084-1993.

The Australian Standard defines the minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, and erection tolerances, test methods, operation, and maintenance of pallet racking.

Alpha is completely Australian owned and has the Head office in Melbourne Victoria. Alpha also claims ownership in four Chinese factories that produce the Alpha range. The factories have certainly employed people in China, however, all the product is imported to Australia and then sold and Distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand, and employs Australians in every state.

Alpha, from the very start of our production, place the highest importance on safety and quality to ensure our customers will be rewarded with the benefits of "Big brand performance, without the Big brand price".

Alpha's top performers in the industry include an available team of expert engineers and advisors with many years of experience who are well known in the pallet racking industry within Australia. Our qualified engineers and advisors are available to offer advice and, or, action that may need to be taken in the event of any Occupational Health and Safety issues. Alpha can include inspections and auto cad drawings to customers as well as full history logs, action reports, and inspection signage to display for employee benefit and OH&S practices.

Alpha ensures that Quality Control begins when we purchase our steel and that all of our steel is fully inspected, stamped, and issued, with a batch certificate of authenticity of the tensile quality. The tensile quality of the steel purchased for Alpha, is tested in the University of Nanjin in China, and every batch must meet the authenticity requirements before production can take place. Our steel for production is Q255 and goes up to SS400 and is equal to, and the same as the European, United States, and Japanese standards. Our pallet racking is "over engineered"

before production and must surpass rigorous testing methods within our factories.

Recently, Mr. Con Adams from the Monash University visited our factories in China, and inspected all sites to implement the methods for the FEM World Standards that all pallet racking must conform to by 2008.

Alpha is working toward achieving this standard in the next few months.

Mr. Con Adams, is the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at the esteemed Monash University, and has been testing the Alpha product from the beginning; completing all reports on the pallet racking once it arrives in Australia. Monash reports are signed once inspections are final and reports completed, then the product is available on the market and not before.

It may be possible that other companies who are importing pallet racking also from China may not have such a program of quality control in place, and the consumer does have a right to request them to provide the information. Alpha is happy to provide any information regarding our product to consumers upon request. It is important to note that Alpha is an Australian owned company that has invested significantly in our manufacturing facility in China. This clearly demonstrates our commitment to become the leading supplier in Australia of imported storage equipment.

To further ensure that the Alpha range provides value and safety, we also supply a complete range of pallet racking, end row protectors, bollards, and Warehouse safety protection for exposed areas vulnerable to forklift collisions. Other exciting developments are soon to follow with new designs and the latest technology; and with the addition of our distributors, who can provide even faster service to remote locations.

All of our skilled installation crews have been the leaders in their field and have achieved excellence in the trade in compliance with OH&S requirements.

Alpha is striving for excellence in providing the consumer a better return on their investment and building long term relationships with customers and the fastest service possible. Safety is paramount to the industry as a whole, and Alpha is dedicated to continue to improve all aspects of our product, service, delivery, and installation methods to offer our customers as many advantages as possible.