Engineering and Cutting Tools from SEI Carbide Australia

SEI Carbide Australia established in 1973 supply engineering tools and cutting tools. In addition SEI Carbide Australia also provides machining expertise. Precision cutting tools of the following brands are supplied by SEI Carbide Australia Sumitool, Posithread, Quadcut, Chick, Garrtool, Big Daishowa, OML vices, Granlund, Rego Fix and Hahnreiter Prazision.

Big Daishowa products are supplied by SEI Carbide Australia. The products offered are simultaneous dual contact system, boring system, mega chuck series tools for quick working, full cut mills, hydraulic chuck series, high spindle and hi jet holder series, compact sensor series. In each of the series number of individual engineering tools are available.

Carbide cutting tools from Garrtool are also supplied by SEI Carbide Australia. The products offered by Garrtool include roughers for educing vibrations during machining, hog mills to reduce tool pressure, carbide drills, end mills, high performance end mills for use in Rockwell materials, finishing end mills which are carbide finishers for stainless steel and titanium.

Multilok is a product from Chick which provides accessibility for side machines. This product is available in the following types 2 lock 4 lock, 12, 14 and 16 station. Quicklok is another product used for incremental degree indexing.

Pneu Dex is also from Chick for ninety degree indexing. This product increases the walkaway time and eliminates time wasted on indexing. Foundations is another product supplied by SEI Carbide Australia for large parts and flat plate works.