Emergency Evacuation Assistance Matting

"WAY OUT" TUBE TREAD and SUPA GRIPPA "PATHFINDER" matting revolutionizes safety for workers by providing a superior glow-in-the-dark ribbon of light towards exit routes.

For safe and quick evacuation of occupants in the event of an emergency power failure, this product provides unpowered, no-maintenance lighting.

This world-first self-illuminating warp has been developed in conjunction with WAY OUT Evacuation Systems Pty Ltd, who are accredited defence, maritime, aeronautical, transportation and in building specialist suppliers of self-illuminating emergency assistance products and signage. We invite you to visit their website.

The advantages and distinguishing features of the afterglow capability are:

  • A continuous afterglow period of ten times current commercially available non radioactive phosphorescent pigments;
  • An initial afterglow brightness of up to ten times current radioactive and non radioactive commercially available phosphorescent pigments;
  • Activation by a wide wavelength band (200-450nm) with best results obtained with an activation energy around 350nm;
  • An increase in luminescence and afterglow with longer activation time;
  • Excellent weather and light fastness with no power connections;
  • Free of hazardous or radioactive substances.