Electronics work bench a smart option


Industrial ergonomics specialist, Actisafe, has developed its own Electronics Workbench, which can be customised to suit any application.

An Actisafe Electronics Workbench can be fitted with wiring, sockets and other power-related facilities according to specific use.

It can also be completely fitted out with an antistatic configuration to eliminate the threat of static interference. This is particularly useful in applications where sensitive equipment is being assembled or repaired to greatly reduce the potential for surge damage.

Made from industrial grade steel, the Electronics Workbench is powder coated to withstand any potential for rust and to be able to take all the knocks and bumps to which such equipment is often exposed to in the manufacturing and greater industrial areas.

Dimensions can be according to requirements and as many drawers as are needed can be factored into the design. These drawers can also be manufactured with a secure locking system for heightened security.

The workspace for the technician has ample facilities and all tools and components can be neatly arranged on holders – off the workspace – within immediate reach.

A canopy-style configuration also allows the installation of workspace lights to better aid visual capacity for anyone working on this equipment.

Actisafe, a Defence Recognised Supplier, manufactures its Electronic Workbench in a range of colors. The product is built to last many years.

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