Electric vehicles save time – and the environment

Warequip has released its first new first shipment of B2-48 AC Electric Vehicles featuring more power, increased run time, zero emissions and an automatic parking brake.

The AC GT drive system is more efficient compared to the DC system currently used in the Taylor Dunn vehicles.

A typical AC B2-48 Taylor Dunn vehicle travelling at 17kmh is approximately 20 per cent more efficient than the comparable DC B2-48 doing the same job.

The increase in efficiency can be “spent” either as more run time or more power. This will result in towing a load, carrying a load, or climbing a grade faster than a DC system.

Because the AC motor is enclosed and brushless, it generates less noise even at comparable operating speeds, which is better for the workplace.

Other features of the new AC Taylor Dunn vehicles include regenerative braking. This occurs when the accelerator pedal is released, the brake pedal is applied.

The AC Taylor Dunn vehicles are fitted with an automatic parking brake. The brake is engaged whenever the battery is disconnected, the key switch is off, the main power is off or the vehicle is stopped.

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