Electric vehicles – Bundaberg Hospital

Bundaberg Hospital in North Qld required a vehicle to safely transfer staff and patients around the establishment and to adjacent car parks.

Management asked Materials Handling P/L for a solution and the 4-seater Mickey Vehicle was provided as the answer.

The Mickey was the logical choice. It is economical to run, kind to the environment, quiet and has no emissions. It is clean, safe and multifunctional.

They are normally used in “closed” areas, not public roadways.

They didn’t have a petrol pump on site, so this was the way to go.

They simply plug into the nearest 240volt outlet and are cheaply recharged.

The Mickey is at home at sporting venues, factories, airports, transport terminals, resorts, retirement villages, police forces, councils, events venues, golf clubs, theme parks for security – the list goes on.

There are two-seat and four-seat sedan versions and a two-seat utility and a four- seat utility with enclosed cabin.