Egg producer switches to Stretch Tape

Company Profile:

Gippsland egg producer with approximately 165,000 laying birds producing around 150,000 eggs per week.


Wrapping pallets of eggs.

The Problem:

The customer was manually wrapping pallets with stretch film. This caused 2 problems - the first being "sweating" of the goods beneath the film, which damaged the boxes and led to product loss. The second issue was the potential of injury from the manual effort required to apply the stretch film.

Product Chosen:

The Safetech LoWrapper Semi-Automatic Stretch Tape Wrapper and 3M™Scotch® Stretchable tape.

Benefits of this Product:

Lyndales owner and manager Laurie Powter reported that the stretch tape system was one of the most successful and popular equipment innovations adopted by the company. Advantages included:

  • No more lost product from carton damage caused by sweating.
  • Faster cooling process leading to increased product throughput.
  • Decreased manual wrapping labour costs.
  • Reduced risk of injury.
  • Plastic waste volume is reduced by 90%.


  • Stretch film failed to allow product ventilation.
  • Netting was expensive and unpopular with operators, as it is difficult to remove and can foul machinery.
  • Corner boards were very expensive and had to be used in combination with other wrapping materials.