Effortless loading of a CNC machine with a single operator


Vacuum handling systems of various designs and lifting capacities play a major role in woodworking and wood processing.

The use of vacuum handling allows handling and material tasks in trade and industry to be performed more efficiently than ever.

In modern production plants, vacuum tube lifters and vacuum lifting devices are indispensable when handling wooden boards, sawn timber, construction timber, furniture components, entire furniture bodies and more.

Because unmilled wooden boards, pre-cut parts, work pieces, components and furniture bodies can be extremely varied in format, weight and consistency, Schmalz (represented by Millsom Materials Handling in Australasia), a specialist in vacuum handling technology, has two series of vacuum handling systems in its product range: vacuum tube lifters Jumbo and vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster.

Both series offer a large selection of differing suction pads and gripper systems as well as combined grip/swivel units.

The vacuum tube lifter Jumbo is particularly suited to the frequent and rapid lifting and moving of wood products on and off your CNC machine, up to a size of 4000 x 2000 mm and a weight of 300kg.

The compact device can be adapted for crane systems, wall-mounted and columnmounted slewing cranes and can be used practically everywhere it is needed in connection with a wood processing centre.

Vacuum tube lifters Jumbo are especially designed for loading unmilled boards and removing processed work pieces by one operator.

The tube lifter can be equipped with a variety of suction pads, making them bot versatile and economical.

For easy, ergonomic rotation of work pieces up to a maximum of 140kg, the vacuum tube lifter can be equipped with a pneumatic swivelling unit.

Millsom’s also offer complete material flow and handling solutions, including crane systems and slewing cranes to hold the vacuum handling systems.

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