Efficient handling of doors

New product: special large-area vacuum gripper FXC for optimised handling of doors


Particularly in the door industry, the great pressure to reduce costs and rationalise operations is making the automation of production processes increasingly important.


The trends in the door industry:


·   Major increase in automation 

·   Individual design of the doors 

·   One-off production jobs


Traditional solutions such as grippers with a large number of suction pads are not flexible enough and incur high costs.


In order to meet demands for a gripper with low investment costs and low operating costs, Schmalz has now developed an special large-area vacuum gripper.


The highlights – your benefits:


·   New large-area vacuum gripper with extended functionality for the flexible handling of doors with frame thicknesses of only 80 mm

·   Optimised valve technology ensures energy savings of up to 50%

·   The flexibility of the large-area vacuum gripper permits immense reductions in the set-up times. On grippers with individual suction pads, the positions of the suction pads have to be adjusted manually each time to match the door to be handled. The use of a large-area vacuum gripper makes this absolutely unnecessary!

·   Apertures, holes, narrow friezes, ornaments, design elements, etc. are no problem for the gripper

·   High-performance foam seal with a long operating lifetime

·   Integrated filter mat prevents blockage of the foam seal by dirt




·   Automated palletising/depalletising, commissioning and sorting of doors.

·   Handling of workpieces with apertures

·   Handling of workpieces with varying dimensions and/or undefined positions


System design:


·   Various formats and principles of operation permit flexible adaptation to the task in hand.

·  Large-area vacuum grippers with integrated vacuum generator > FXC

·  Large-area vacuum grippers with external vacuum generator > FMC


Do you, for example, already have a vacuum generator which you would like to continue using? In this case, our gripper module FMC is the ideal alternative.


·   Several gripper systems can be combined in a modular manner.


The large-area vacuum grippers are now available and can be delivered very quickly. Consult us – we will be happy to advise you!

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