Eco-friendly way to clean and crush containers

Used steel and plastic drums have presented a major disposal issue for many Australian industries.

But now an Australian company has found an environmentally friendly solution.

Aquasol Products is importing the Drumbeaters range of cleaning and crushing systems from the USA to help solve the problem.

Aquasol Products is the Australasian dealer for these systems that are capable of washing the interior of containers sized up to 1000L and processing the waste solvent and water.

The special equipment will pressure wash the containers using high temperature water
and/or solvents, and in some cases then crush steel drums to less than 75mm high.

Crushing can be performed in the same chamber as the container is washed.

Also, the client has the flexibility of either washing and re-using the drums or washing
and destroying the drums. Steel drums which were an expense to dispose of are now of value as clean scrap metal.

Significant savings can be made by installing washing and/or crushing equipment where
containers must otherwise be stored, transported, and disposed of as prescribed waste containers.

Aquasol Products
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