Eco-friendly Coolpac AirLiner promotes a greener supply chain

Innovative technology more than just a unique packaging solution

With ever increasing environmental challenges companies are under increasing pressure to find sustainable, eco-friendly solutions.

Now there’s a way to reduce your carbon footprint – and increase your bottom line.

Coolpac Australia, a leader in cold-chain solutions, has introduced the AirLiner, an inflatable insulating liner, which easily converts a cardboard box into an insulated temperature controlled cooler.

A smarter, greener, solution than traditional foam products, AirLiner enables shippers of expedited perishables to maintain a temperature-controlled environment, improving the presentation and extending the quality and life of their deliverables.

The key to AirLiner’s ability to cushion, protect and maintain constant temperature is found in its award winning, patented internal heat-barrier technology, using layers of reflective barrier film, sealed, to block all three modes of heat transfer; conduction, convection and radiation, keeping products protected longer.

This unique thermal design is perfect for shipping sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, biotech products, high-end seafood and meats, gourmet foods, chocolates, fresh cut flowers, live tropical fish and specialty industrial material products which must maintain specific temperature ranges.

AirLiner’s innovative design offers not only superior insulation (cold and hot) but also, increased protection capabilities and significant savings in shipping and warehousing costs.

Its reusable, eco-friendly design occupies only 4 per cent of the space required by traditional EPS foam boxes, and boasts a 35 per cent smaller carbon footprint making for a greener product transfer solution.

Using only 50 per cent of the raw materials, water and energy needed for its foam equivalent, AirLiner can reduce global landfill waste by 19.1 billion cubic feet each year.

Just as impressive is the impact on the bottom line.

Airliner packs flat, reducing freight charges, as well as shipping and handling costs. It also helps lower customer service claims for damaged product, due to its advanced cushioning properties compared with foam packaging.

AirLiner has received several industry awards, including the Flexible Packaging Associations’ “Highest Achievement Award in Packaging Excellence”, “Gold Award in Technical Innovation” and “Gold and Silver Awards in Environmental Achievement”.

Coolpac is an Australian company supplying a range of quality products and services specifically targeted to the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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