Easy Arm reduces operation to one worker

Company Profile:

Truck Trailer manufacturer.


Steel sheeting weighing from 19kg to 55kgs are cut then lifted off the conveyor.

The Problem:

Two men were required to lift the long, heavy steel sheeting and move it off the assembly line. There were a lot of safety issues with this method and the company wanted to ensure the worker's safety while trying to make the process into a one man operation.

Product Chosen:

Easy Armâ„¢ Intelligent Lifting Device

Benefits of this product:

  • Reduced risk of worker injuries
  • Reduced manpower needed to perform operation - only one worker instead of two
  • Increased overall plant production by using the 2nd operator in other needed areas of plant
  • Improved job satisfaction

A plant manager commented that the workers are very happy with it, it is easy to use, and stores out of the way when not in use.