Easy access with Swingflex PVC doors

Sydney based company, DMF International, manufactures and installs Australia wide popular flexible PVC Swingflex doors.

These doors feature a two-way action, meaning they swing in both directions.

The doors automatically return to a closed position after opening, due to a concealed spring system. The spring closer also has variable torque adjustment so that the operator can increase the closing force of the door.

PVC Swingflex doors are custom made to size.

And with manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, lead times are fast.

More commonly, the Swingflex doors are manufactured as pairs, and can suit opening sizes up to 3500H x 3000W depending on the model.

The PVC panel is flexible, in clear or with colored or satin finishes, allowing a soft and therefore quiet impact entry through the doors from either direction.

The door operation can be hands free, so there is no need to pull the door open.

The stile and head of the doors are in anodised aluminium, and include brush or PVC seals between the section and the door jamb.

These doors are suitable for many applications, including food areas, manufacturing environments, commercial kitchens and hospitals.

The Swingflex door is an effective way to control temperature or dust through busy doorways.

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