Dynisco Release Modular Extrusion Control System

Dynisco Instruments has recently released the OPT.TROL polymer control system for complete control of extrusion lines. This system is designed for small to medium sized extrusion lines and can either be equipped on to new extrusion lines, or retrofitted to upgrade existing extrusion lines.

Brady Davison, Business Development Manager for Dynisco says, “With OPT.TROL we can give customers a total polymer control system in a simple, affordable, expandable package that works with existing sensors & instrumentation.”

OPT.TROL is a true “plug & play” system with auto tuning temperature control with 2, low current 24Vdc outputs allows all zones to be heat only, or heat/cool. The touch screen LCD screen with CE.NET operating system, Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet communication, and a 1GB flash back up memory stick as standard

OPT.TROL can be configured with as few as 8 zones to a maximum of 40 zones of control. The temperature control was developed to allow single screw, twin screw, co-extrusion, or blown film applications to be run. Fully automatic adaptive tuning, (as well as conventional tuning) is provided. Automated heat start up is also a standard feature.

The operating station utilizes touch screen technology, displaying process trends as well as on-board SPC functions. The use of pre defined screens, and sequence control greatly simplify set ups for users. Recipes, screen captures and logging functions can be stored and loaded from various memory devices.

As Dermid McKinley of Tasman Machinery notes, “with OPT.TROL, Dynisco, is offering extrusion companies, a simple and affordable way to upgrade existing extrusion lines to bring them up to 21st century control and communication standards. Productivity gains will be very quickly seen by companies willing to invest in new technologies.”