For a dynamic range of motors you can’t go past Hargil


Hargil Dynamics provides a comprehensive range of power transmission equipment with the emphasis on motors, geared motors and drives.

The range covers both AC and DC motors, inline and right angle gearboxes, electro magnetic clutches, brakes and position indicators.

Established more than 33 years ago, Hargil Dynamics has a comprehensive range of gearboxes and geared motors in right angle, inline, helical shaft mounted, bevel helical and parallel shaft designs.

They cover the range from 0.18-160kw with output speeds from 0.5-600RPM with solid or hollow output shafts, with foot, flange or shaft mounting available.

The gearboxes are available fitted with AC motors both 3ph and 1ph motors, brake motors, exe and flameproof motors, washdown & stainless steel motors and DC motors both high and low voltage.

Hargil offers brake fitting as well as special shafts and adaptor flanges for those special applications at its in-house Sydney workshop.

A first class technical and after sales service is provided for all products in the extensive range.

Hargil Dynamics Pty Ltd
Ph: 02 9737 9840