Dust filter with monitoring function

With a new series of dust filters with integrated monitoring function, the vacuum specialists, Millsom Vacuum Components, provides even more process reliability and ease of use for vacuum generators. In the past, the basic task of a dust filter was to protect the vacuum generator against the entry of dirt. Today, the new dust filters of the type STF-D go one step further.

The automatic filter monitoring function continuously measures the pressure drop across the filter and signals when the filter needs to be replaced, resulting in more performance and lower operating costs, since the filter cartridges can be replaced when this is actually necessary rather than at fixed intervals, even if they are still serviceable.


The construction of the new filters, with a robust plastic housing, clip-on cover, mounting bracket, filter cartridge made of special filter paper and generously dimensioned connectors is basically the same as that of their proven predecessors. However, the dust filters STF-D also have a pressure monitor which measures the pressure drop across the filter and the limit value for this pressure can be set to any desired value in the range 10 to 50 mbar with a potentiometer. The filters can thus be adjusted to match the application. When the pressure drop exceeds the preset limit value, an electrical signal is generated to indicate that the necessary action should be initiated. The dust filters are characterised by a high separation factor of almost 100% and reliably protect sensitive vacuum generators such as high-performance pumps and blowers against all types of dust and dirt.

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