Drum handling units help avoid spills and injury

Most companies have 200L drums in constant use and few of those companies fully realise the potential for personal injury and environmental damage.

“De-palletising” or removing 200L drums from pallets is serious concern where things can go wrong very quickly.

Lifting 200L drums on and off poly spill pallets is also a concern, as these pallets are typically higher from the ground than a normal timber pallet.

Spilldoktor now offers simple solutions to both these issues, with its manual and battery-operated drum-handling units.

There are various versions of the battery operated version, including the SDT300 (pictured) which raises a drum to 1500mm high and can then rotate this drum through 360 degrees for decanting operations. The raise and lower function is battery operated and the rotation function is manual.

The manual unit raises and lowers only, but can raise a drum to 700mm from the ground, making it ideal for use with poly spill pallets which can be up to 400mm high.

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