Drum Handling with Gorbel Crane Systems

Company Profile:

Transfield Services is a leading international provider of operations, maintenance, asset management and project management services.


Gippsland Water treatment consist of five sites which handle the fluride treatment in water. Fluride drums were being delivered for the water treatment process. Plastic drums loaded on pallets are delivered to treatment sites and left next to a landing to be unloaded. The area was not accessible to forklifts so they required an overhead lifting solution.

The Problem:

With restricted accesss and sites opening for operation. Transfield approched Safetech for an Overhead Handling Solution to avoid workplace injury.

The System:

Transfield services have installed a Safetech Grobel Jib Crane into each site. Included in the system was a custom designed Drum Grab which hooks onto the existing electric hoist supplied.

Product Chosen:

Safetech Gorbel Jib Crane with custom a Drum Grab.

Benefits of this Product:

Because Safetech have an experienced team of engineers Transfield were able to source a custom made system to fall into their application without modifying their workplace. The custom Drum Grab is operated manually eliminating the need for air or power to control the "Grab".


Lift Table - this would have been an ideal solution if the area had been accessible to forklift trucks.