Driving coupling technology to a new level

KTR has introduced T-Pur, setting a new benchmark in elastomer spiders for jaw-type couplings.

Launched at the 2011 Hannover Fair in Germany earlier this year, this thermally stable
material takes KTR’s Rotex and Rotex-GS couplings well beyond the continuous temperature limits of previous materials.

T-Pur continuous temperature limit is 120ºC (compared to 90ºC for previous materials), and its short exposure limit extends to 150ºC.

Without changing spider hardness and coupling performance at lower temperatures, KTR’s move to T-Pur results in solid and predictable performance at these elevated temperatures – at no extra cost.

At the other extreme, T-Pur extends the low-temperature operating limit to -50ºC.

KTR customers are advised that:

  • Orange T-Pur spider supersedes Yellow spider (92 Sh.A hardness).
  • Lilac T-Pur spider supersedes Red spider (95/98 Sh.A hardness).
  • Light Green T-Pur spider supersedes White & Green spider (64 Sh.D hardness).

Some sizes are immediately available. The superseded Yellow, Red and White/Green spiders will continue to be available for an extended period, allowing a gradual conversion to occur and allowing Original Equipment Manufacturer users of Rotex time to adjust to the new colours.

Prices for T-Pur spiders are the same as the superseded spiders.

Deanquip Powertrans Hydraulics & Tools Pty Ltd is the Australian and NZ agent and distributor for KTR.

Ph: 03 9729 0201