Drive your business further with Gearex gear couplings

World-leading German company KTR, has introduced a new an all-steel gear coupling, Gearex, manufactured to appropriate AGMA standards.

KTR has established a global reputation for many high quality couplings including the Rotex jaw-type coupling and the BoWex steel and plastic curved tooth gear coupling.

Similar to the BoWex curved toothing, the spline of the Gearex has a crowned shape.

The Gearex sleeve, however, is made of high-quality steel as opposed to the BoWex reinforced polyamide sleeve.

The crowned shape of teeth allows Gearex to compensate for displacements in an optimum way. Its double-cardanic design is able to accept high radial displacements.

The spline of the sleeve also accepts high axial misalignments and the separable sleeve ensures an easy axial assembly. The crowned shape of the teeth also ensures long service life of the coupling. The radiuses on the spline of the hubs reduce the edge pressure at the sleeve and the permanent lubrication results in a long and reliable service life even under rugged conditions.

Both Gearex and BoWex curved-tooth gear coupling provide torsionally rigid shaft connections transmitting the torque via positive locking.

Available in 12 sizes, Gearex covers torque ranges from 930Nm to 135,000Nm allowing for very high power density with compact dimensions.

It is a logical continuation of the design principle of the BoWex curved-tooth gear coupling for the higher power range.

Gearex, available in Australia from Denquip, is designed for use on more sophisticated drives in general and for heavy machinery engineering.

The Gearex design follows AGMA standard flange dimensions for a wide variety of applications and is tested and certified in accordance with ATEX 95.

Gearex is also available in specialised variations with brake disk, intermediate pipe or shaft, for horizontal or vertical assembly, or other customised applications.

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