Drawer Storage - The Industrial Workshop Advantage

Bosco Storage Solutions 'Boscotek' workshop and industrial drawer storage systems capitalise on valuable floor space and ensure ease of access for retrieval, improving storage efficiency and productivity.

The Boscotek industrial drawer storage range is manufactured at Bosco Storage Solutions' own state of the art facility in southwestern Sydney. With standard and custom partition and divider configurations, Boscotek genuine drawer storage accessories include plastic bins, metal trays, tool supports, groove trays, and foam inserts. Boscotek's drawer storage system offers safe, secure compartmentalised storage for parts, tools and components, maximising storage space and providing excellent accessibility to ensure optimum efficiency!

A division of respected CNC sheetmetal component manufacturer, Advance Metal Products (Aust) Pty Limited, Bosco's commitment to research and development has led to the innovative designs of these cabinets which are both robust and refined to out-perform any similar product on the market in terms of features, innovation and durability. Boscotek's drawer storage systems incorporate integrated heavy duty locking mechanisms to provide superior security.

Unlike existing drawer storage systems where drawer runners are bolted into the carcass, the runners in Boscotek's industrial drawer storage cabinets are simply clipped in and locked down with a specially designed clip. This provides the flexibility of rearranging drawer storage in a minimal time frame, increasing labour efficiencies. Accessories can be added to the top or base of each module allowing the units to be moved instantly while fully loaded, eliminating the task of dismantling, removing parts and stocktaking.

Boscotek's drawer storage systems are fitted with an integrated anti tilt system enabling only one drawer to be retracted from the carcass at a time. Positive drawer stops have been designed into the Boscotek runners. This feature assists in ensuring drawer storage, when at full weight capacity, remains secured within the carcass when at full extension.

The entire industrial storage range developed by Boscotek has been designed to ensure long-term labour costs for customers are kept to a minimum.