Down, but not out...

The picture (above) shows the Materials Handling warehouse and office at Sumner Park, an outer Brisbane suburb, engulfed by 2.3m of floodwater.

The top floor of the building took in about 150mm of water.

Materials Handling lost stock valued at more than $500,000 in the floods.

All waterlogged stock and equipment including forklifts under the 2.3m level was thrown away, says managing director John Brittain.

“We filled eight 20 tonne skips and lots of other bins with waste,” he says.

“We’re not insured like 95 per cent of businesses in this area, so the end result has been devastating.”

The Australian Tax Office and major banks have given flood-affected businesses a period of grace for tax and loan repayments.

And the QLD Government will provide special grants of $25,000 under a Disaster Flood Assistance program.

Materials Handling reopened for business in the first week of February.

Materials Handling
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