Don’t blink: SEW’s new vibration sensor is going fast

SEW-Eurodrive has launched its updated vibration analysis sensor, the DUV30A.

Replacing the company’s DUV10A sensor, the DUV30A features faster sampling time at a constant speed, allowing the monitoring of more dynamic gear-unit applications.

A key element of any effective predictive maintenance program, the DUV30A permits the early detection of gear-unit wear and damage, enabling site personnel to plan gear-unit maintenance.

The new DUV30A vibration analysis sensor allows the early detection of roller bearing and gearing wear or damage, as well as gear-unit unbalance and resonance detection.

“The DUV30A sensor has been specially designed to detect abnormal frequencies across
a range of 1.875 to 6000Hz,” says SEW-Eurodrive Victorian Sales and Product Manager, Darren Klonowski.

“Its sampling time of 0.8sec per monitored object means it can accommodate more dynamic gear-unit applications.”

Housed in a compact body and closely mounted onto a gear-unit, the DUV30A employs
both fast Fourier transform (FFT) and high frequency FFT (HFFT) harmonic signal evaluation to monitor gear-unit and bearing condition and vibration.

“This conditioning monitoring allows on-site personnel to better manage their planned maintenance intervals according to the application and duty cycle,” says Klonowski.

“This is especially valuable in applications where gear-unit breakdown and unplanned downtime can take extended periods of time to remedy.”

The DUV30A sensor is equipped with an RS232 port for in-field parameter set-up and interrogation, and also features a second I/O port that accommodates speed input and alarm output connectivity to supervisory PLCs.

“The DUV30A vibration sensor can be configured to warn key personnel of abnormal
gear-unit or bearing condition once a pre-determined vibration alarm-point has been reached,” says Klonowski. “The alarm can be monitored via a supervisory PLC, HMI, SCADA or PC.”

Included with the new DUV30A vibration analysis sensor is a free easy-to-use software package —the DUV-S.

Required for sensor configuration and calibration, the DUV-S software also provides access to a comprehensive selection of diagnostic and performance data.

“On-site technicians can simply plug their laptop into the RS232 port to access a multitude of data,” says Klownowski.

Importantly, the DUV-S software is downward-compatible, accommodating both DUV10A and DUV30A units.

System diagnosis is further aided by the DUV30A’s integrated ‘green-yellow-red’ LED indicator. This provides on-site personnel with a “quick check” option to establish the status of the gear-unit internals.

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