Do you have staff up on their feet.....

Do you have staff up on their feet.....
                            .....and out on their feet?

If you have staff up on their feet for long or continuous periods they’re probably suffering Cumulative Standing Trauma.

What’s that? It’s the painful consequences for feet, ankles, legs, knees and lower backs of long periods of standing on non-resilient floors.

It can result in costly OH&S claims.
It will certainly result in lost productivity and reduced profitability

Can these negative effects be combated? They certainly can.

The right anti-fatigue mats for the right environment have a dramatic effect on fatigue. And so OH&S claims are reduced and productivity enhanced.

But how do you know which is the right mat for your staff considering the wide choices available today?

That’s where we come in. Ask a Mat World specialist to visit* your facility and give you free advice. Our Mat World specialist will check your facility, the traffic, the environment, the use and only then advise you.

There’s absolutely no obligation and no charge for this service. But then you’ll know what decision to make and why. No more guessing and hoping. Just sound advice.

We have Mat World specialists at all our offices around the country. Check out our web site Contact us and ask for that Mat World specialist to call.