Directly integrated vacuum filters

New inline vacuum filters provide optimum protection against dirt and damage for vacuum generators.


So-called inline vacuum filters are now available to protect vacuum generators such as ejectors against dirt, wear and internal damage and thus to improve the process safety during handling operations. Developed and manufactured by the vacuum specialist J. Schmalz GmbH in D-72293 Glatten, these inline vacuum filters are the logical expansion to the range of vacuum components for construction of vacuum equipment. The very compact and extremely light inline vacuum filters are installed directly in the vacuum hose, which means that no further hoses and connectors are needed. This feature also makes it possible to retrofit inline vacuum filters in existing systems in order to improve their process safety easily and cheaply.


The new inline vacuum filters are suitable for universal use in vacuum and pressure lines. In systems which use active blow-off pulses, the filters can withstand short-term pressures of up to 7 bar. A large inspection window permits the degree of contamination to be determined quickly at any time, so that a new cartridge can be installed as and when necessary. Since the inline vacuum filter is not designed as a disposable component, it contains a filter cartridge which can be changed quickly and easily and the filter housing remains installed in the vacuum hose. The new inline vacuum filters are available in two different sizes for hose diameters of 6 and 8 mm, with a maximum flow rate of 20 l/min and 60 l/min, respectively. Installation couldn't be easier: cut the hose, connect the two cut ends to the filter, tighten the union nuts – that's all! And to prevent mistakes, an arrow indicating the direction of flow is printed on the transparent filter housing.

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