Dimpleflo heat exchanger a winner

Teralba Industries’ latest high efficiency Dimpleflo Modubloc Heat Exchanger is proving a great success.

The 22 Module Dimpleflo Modubloc with 6” 150 mm flowpath (pictured) is the largest Australian made unit built to date.

Destined for a large NZ winery, this innovative design provides increased energy efficiencies, with higher heat transfer co-efficents, lower pressure drops on the product side, all within a more compact footprint.

This Dimpleflo Modubloc model has the capacity to cool 50,000 l/hr of crushed grape must from 20ºC down to 8 ºC in a single pass.

Dimpleflo Modubloc high efficiency heat exchangers are ideal for processing slurries and viscous products and are especially suited to fouling products such as sewerage sludge and waste water.

Further efficiencies are achieved with a fully insulated modular stainless steel cabinet which minimizes any radiant energy losses and forms an aesthetically pleasing finish that is virtually maintenance-free.

Teralba Industries
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