Dimpleflo Double Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger

Dimpleflo Monotube and Multitube high efficiency heat exchangers are used extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand in food, beverage, wine, pharmaceutical, chemical and wastewater industries.  These industries can now benefit from the increased protection of Dimpleflo Double Tube Sheet heat exchangers which provide absolute product integrity.

Dimpleflo Double Tube Sheet Heat Exchangers are constructed by two separate tube sheets at each end of each tube bundle.  The bundle of Dimpleflo Multitubes is inserted and becomes integral with the outer tube shell with provision, where needed, for thermal expansion.  The primary fluid or product is supplied to a grouping of parallel tubes while the service fluid flows between and around the tubes within the outer tube shell.

The first tube sheet seals the heating or cooling media in the jacket, (commonly known as service media or secondary flow).  The second tube sheet seals the product (or primary) flow, thus creating an air gap between the two fluids.  This air gap, combined with seamless tubing virtually eliminates any possibility of cross contamination.

The attached photo illustrates a compact 800mm long Dimpleflo Double Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger manufactured for an Australian pharmaceutical company for producing high purity water.

Teralba Industries produces these heat exchangers in most grades of Stainless Steel, Duplex alloys and titanium.

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