Dimpleflo – Energy Recovery

Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers - Saves Energy, the environment and money.

In the face of ever-increasing energy costs, many Australian and New Zealand manufacturers and service providers are utilizing the Australian made Dimpleflo Modular Heat Exchangers to recover energy from any warm or hot product or effluent.

Industries, laundries, wool scourers, abattoirs, dye houses etc that have hot wastewater, are extracting some of the energy from this effluent through Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers.

The beauty of the Dimpleflo system are proven maintenance free, even when hot waste products may in surge chunks, particles or sludge.

Hot sludge, wastewater is passed through inner dimpled surface of the Dimpleflo cooling from 60°c - 30°c whilst boiler feed water is preheated in the jacket of the Heat Exchanger from 20°c - 50°c.

This significant energy recover can be used wherever a hot product or waste is cooled. If this heat has previously been allowed to dissipate to atmosphere then wash down water used for wash down showers etc, is basically heated for FREE. No energy No green house gases, Minimal cost.

It is opportune to define some of the features which distinguish ‘Dimpleflo’ and ‘Dimplestream’ tubular heat exchangers:

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Flexibility in heat transfer design to meet specific dimensional or functional requirements.

Unique Dimple profiled Monotube enables a self-draining, high efficiency heat exchanger that is virtually unblockable.

Dimple Profile to promote a highly turbulent flow and thus maximize heat transfer coefficients.

Can be constructed using corrosion-resistant alloys such as 2205 Duplex and Titanium.

Short lead times.

Requires minimal maintenance.

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