Develop Your Skills Base & Innovate

Develop Your Skills Base & Innovate

much has been written about the strong Australian dollar and its
impact on exports and retail sales. Vulnerability to global economic
changes is a commercial reality however; it can also be an indicator
of broader weaknesses in your business’s strategy.

and its importance to business sustainability are often undervalued.
Innovation is a key driver of competitiveness for business to
differentiate their products and services from those low cost
competitors in a global market. To compete on quality, flexibility
of design and process, specialisation and customisation or cost,
businesses that embrace continuous improvement strategies will win.  

Innovation is the union of brilliant
, strategy and clever
it is not about linear R&D. It is born out of
the job'
incremental improvement and interaction with your clients and
markets. Businesses must:

  • Encourage
    the disruption of the

  • Address
    customer needs not wants;

  • Develop
    IP and a system to manage it; and

  • Develop
    a culture of continuous improvement.

business must regularly review their strategic and operational plans
and seek improvement on underperformance. And an important strategy
to ‘
the job’
improvement is employee engagement and up-skilling. However,
assessing your business’s skills and development needs can be a
complex task. How do you ensure that your growth goals are aligned
to the development plans of your staff?

in April 2009, Skills for Growth is a workforce development program
administered by Business Victoria, designed to assist SMEs retain and
attract the best staff and reduce skills gaps in the business from
the business
At no cost to the SME, a Workforce Specialist is assigned to your
business to review and provide a customised Workforce Action Plan.

program aims to:

  • Provide
    your business with specialised workforce development expertise and

  • Deliver
    an onsite Business Review and assessment;

  • Develop
    a tailored skills development plan per employee;

  • Align
    business goals and workforce plans; and

  • Assist
    with placement into required up-skill training.

the expertise across your entire business will improve workplace
practices and procedures to drive productivity and business growth.
And when these improvements are led by well trained staff, the
journey to a culture of innovation has begun.

Dietrich is Managing Director of Phalanx Consulting Group with
specialist services in Strategic Planning, LEAN Management,
Organisational Development & People Management. Phalanx
Consulting is an authorised provider of the Skills for Growth

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