Deublin Series 2400 – new rotating union for continuous casting machines

Norman G. Clark Announces:

Deublin Series 2400 – new rotating union for continuous
casting machines


As is generally known, extremely
demanding ambient conditions are encountered in continuous casting machines
in particular for rotating unions: The cooling water flowing through is of
very poor quality, mostly not filtered and includes particles which have an
abrasive effect inside the rotating union. Furthermore, dirt of the ambient
air deposits on the plant parts and is easily carried into the plant by rotating
parts. And finally, there are mechanical loads acting on the system of roller
and rotating union, e.g. components are not aligned perfectly.

These factors limit the service
life of each rotating union; thus being a wear part.

Another “ambient condition” is the
customer’s aim to reduce costs, if possible. That means avoiding machine
downtimes and keeping maintenance costs as low as possible.

As a leading manufacturer of rotating
unions, DEUBLIN Company
is committed to continuously improving these
aspects, i.e. maximising the service life of a rotating union or, if repair
or replacement is required, to reduce the cost for this.

This is why the basic concept of
the series 2400 follows previous models being a rotating union installed in
the shaft, the rotor guided by a long bearing bush.

Sealing is realised using the
proven mechanically balanced seals from silicone carbide against silicone
carbide. The technical structure and the combination of the mechanical seals
ensure a constant torque as well as a long service life in case of poor water

In short, the series 2400 rotating
union combines the sophisticated technical features of the series 2000 and
4000 with the most recent innovations of DEUBLIN design.

Thus, the entire interior of the
series 2400 has been completely optimised and enhanced. Special attention has
been paid to the minimisation of sediments in the rotating union and their
abrasive/corrosive effect by means of the new structure and the materials


Furthermore, all components
feature the so-called “defined flexibility” which means that either small
alignment failures as well as wear are compensated for without affecting the
sealing ability.

These rotating unions are further
fitted with new seals which prevent the inclusion of dirt from the
environment and facilitate maintenance on the spot. Even untrained personnel
are now able to carry out maintenance work within a few minutes!

However, great importance has been
attached to the observance of the full compatibility of the housing with the
series 2000. “Changing costs” by conversion to the new generation do not

A cost-effective opportunity for
steel works operators to change-over to the latest technology for continuous
casting machines and to reduce machine downtime.


Max. water pressure: 10 bar
Max. revolutions: 100/min
Max. temperature range: 120ºC
Required Filtration: None
Max. flow, (mono version) from 22 to 102 l/min
Max. flow, (dual version) per duct from 22 to 110 l/min

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