Dematic opens new technology centre


Dematic, one of the world’s leading suppliers of logistics systems, has opened a new,
cutting-edge customer and technology centre in Offenbach, Germany.

The new centre, dedicated to research and development, is designed to show Industry
examples of best practice and innovation in logistics systems technology.

Dematic will also use the TechCentre to conduct live trials of state-of-the-art automation
solutions and fine-tune them to the precise requirements of customers.

The TechCentre showcases some of the latest technologies and techniques available from Dematic including:

  • AMCAP: an automated system for assembling mixed case pallet loads
  • ErgoPall: an ergonomic manual system for assembling mixed case pallet loads
  • DC Director: a new warehouse control software package
  • RapidPick: a new ergonomic work station used in increasing popular goods to the person (GTP) order picking solutions, and
  • Multishuttle: a system for storing, buffering and sequencing goods in a distribution centre

Dematic’s new TechCentre is integrated into the company’s factory where technology
specialists can demonstrate typical materials handling scenarios to customers.

The installation has been devised so that continuous material flows from goods storage
via sequenced picking, price marking, order consolidation to buffering. Fully or semiautomated palletising and conveying to dispatch is also demonstrated. And depending on specific customer requirements, different scenarios and systems combinations can be simulated using various containers.

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