DCD 100 Trolley Warehouse Shelf Stacker




Shelf stacking within department stores.

The Problem:

The cost of workplace injuries from shelf stacking activities had become prohibitive and a significant health and industrial relations concern.

Product Chosen:

DCD 100 Powerlift Trolley.

Benefits of this Product:

The DCD 100 trolleys offered several advantages over conventional trolleys. Management trialed the DCD 100 trolleys extensively and established the following benefits:

  • Push button elevation of the load eliminated the manual effort of the pump up trolleys.
  • The high quality casters and low weight of the DCD trolleys made them very mobile and easier to push on a variety of floor surfaces.
  • DCD 100 trolleys have a larger platform that was more stable than other trolleys.
  • Safetech were able to customise the deck to improve the function and safety of the trolleys.
  • Staff feedback when trialing the units the trolleys was extremely positive and made the changeover to the DCD 100 very easy.


The stores were already using pump up trolleys but these trolleys were considered an injury risk due to the manual work required to pump the trolley up and the inadequate casters that made the trolleys difficult to push.