DC 250 for dog grooming


Dog grooming.


The client had to lift animals weighing up to 50 kg's onto the existing dog grooming platform.

The Problem:

Risk of injury from the lift and increased distress to the animals as they were handled and lifted onto the static platform.

Product Chosen:

A DC 250 Powerlift table. The table was customised to include a stainless steel deck, a rubberised mat, a separate controls pedestal and a stand to clip dog leashes onto.

Benefits of this Product:

DC 250 trolleys provide smooth, quiet lifting at the push of a button. Safetech's ability to customise the table to the jobs exact requirements created an optimal result for the client.


Pump up hydraulic trolleys were rejected as a viable option due to the smaller work platform, inability to customise and the distress caused by the jerky pump up action.

Conventional hydraulic lift tables were too expensive and too large.