DAVI rolls out another winner

West Australian based company DT HiLoad Australia, a specialist manufacturer of heavy vehicles for the mining industry, recently bought a DAVI Plate rolling machine with outstanding results.

The DAVI MCB 3075, with a 3000mm x 80mm capacity, is being used in the manufacture of DT HiLoad’s Heavy Haul Truck Bodies.

Supplied from Fabrication Equipment Supplies (FES), the DAVI MCB 3075 has helped DT HiLoad to increase its production – and reduced costs.

DAVI is synonymous worldwide for its high quality steel plate rolling machine systems.
And FES has been the exclusive Australian agent for high quality DAVI products since 2002.

Richard Lang, CEO of DT HiLoad said: “The quality of the DAVI, the training and the support from both FES and DAVI has been excellent.

“Many agents give the impression that they are just a letter box for the manufacturer but our experience with FES and DAVI has been that they really take ownership of representing their product. They made sure their equipment selection was integrated into a rolling system appropriate to meet our ultimate requirements.”

Mr Lang said DT HiLoad employed operators with no prior experience in rolling.

“With training and ongoing support from DAVI they quickly became proficient and our productivity became exceptional,” he said.

This became possible due to the advanced control systems on the DAVI that effectively “de-skills” the operators.

The end result is greater control, accuracy and increased productivity.

“We at DT HiLoad have a unique rolling process used in the manufacture of our Heavy Haul Truck Bodies that minimises joins and therefore welding resulting in smoother much stronger bodies, said Mr Lang.

“We are now rolling 12000mm long 25mm thick plate to form the body floor in one piece.”

Mr Lang said the new DAVI plate rolling machine was a “huge win” for DT HiLoad customers.

“Our Heavy Haul Bodies are now stronger, lighter and cheaper and have an increased payload of around 10 per cent to our oppositions’ haul bodies, he said. “Now we are proudly producing bodies for Chile, Africa, PNG, Indonesia and all around Australia.”

Mr Lang said DT HiLoad Australia also has capacity to manufacture under contract to any
parties that might be interested in their services.

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