DAVI machine systems on a roll in Australia

Focus on providing value for money`

More Australian companies are discovering the many benefits gained by using DAVI machine systems for high quality steel plate rolling.

A world leader, DAVI machine systems have become synonymous with high precision,
exceptional productivity, efficiency and longlasting value.

Their impressive client base includes aerospace giants NASA and AIRBUS.

Fabrication Equipment Supplies (FES) has been the exclusive Australian agent for high
quality DAVI products for more than seven years.

In Australia, FES has supplied many of Australia’s leading companies with the latest
DAVI technology.

This includes Rheem Australia, which now has the new DAVI MCA 2517 “Intelligent Plant”
Full Hydraulic Plate Rolls System.

This CNC controlled Automatic Rolling Line Cell is designed to roll continuous high production of stainless steel tanks for the famous brand Rheem hot water systems.

Also, leading wind tower manufacturers Haywoods in Tas and RPG in SA and Qld have
recently invested in the DAVI MCB 3060 wind tower lines.

This system is controlled by DAVI “Genius” CNC control system, providing the most efficient, cost effective solution for general plate rolling.

With this system, wind tower cones can be rolled in 10-20min instead of two hours for a
normal system.

Many Australian companies now have multiple DAVI Plate Rolling machines.

This includes the RPG Group in QLD and SA, which has eight DAVI plate rolls used for general purpose, pipe and wind tower manufacture.

Hilton Manufacturers have three high production models and manufacture 20,000 fuel tanks for trucks for the local and international markets.

Tyco in Victoria and NSW have two high production DAVI models specifically designed
for rolling pipe collars up to 200 units per day.

Two DAVI MCP 3232 Heavy Duty Section Rolling Machines have been sold into QLD and
Vic that are able to roll 410UB and 250mm angle.

FES is a market leader in the highly competitive Australian plate rolling industry.

In fact, FES has driven this highly competitive sector for the past five years with a special focus on customer service.

The company specializes in steel fabrication – everything from cutting, bonding to forming and rolling.

FES supplies press brakes, guillotines, laser and plasma profile cutters as well as plate rolling machines, band saws and punch and shears.

“We specialise in all types of machines offering options from economy models upwards,
says FES managing director Mike Dye.

“Our main focus is on providing value for money and service second to none.

“We are always available to help in any way we can.”

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