DAVI – a world leader in plate rolling

When it comes to plate rolling and section rolling systems global giant DAVI machine systems boast an impressive record.

DAVI has become synonymous with high precision, exceptional productivity, efficiency and long-lasting value.

DAVI’s impressive client base includes aerospace giants NASA and Airbus.

NASA has partnered with DAVI to build a new spacecraft named Orion to send astronauts
to the moon and for missions to Mars and beyond.

NASA use a DAVI MCB 3045 rolling machine for the fabrication of the Spacecraft Adapter and the Service Module for the Space Shuttles.

NASA also use a second MCB 3045 is used to build parts for the Crew Exploration Vehicle
and Command Module Landing System.

DAVI continues to fly high in the aerospace industry with Airbus.

The variable axis DAVI press roll MAV SY 2533 is used in the AIRBUS factory in Tolousa, France.

DAVI was the only manufacturer to accept the challenge of this custom made machine – used in the construction of French JETS, including the A380 airbus.

In China two of the world’s largest DAVI MAV 4000 x 250mm plate rolls have been
installed for rolling nuclear containment vessels for new nuclear plants being constructed.

In the US, DAVI MAV 3000 x 220mm machines were used to construct the massive columns on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

In Australia, FES has supplied many of Australia’s leading companies with the latest DAVI technology.

FES has assisted many Australian companies to increase their Productivity, Efficiency and Profits (PEP) by investing in DAVI Rolling Systems.

Those industries include shipping, mining, structural, civil, training education, specialist
stainless steel and general rolling services.

Here are a just a few success stories:

  • Shipping

Incat, Australia’s premier shipbuilders, which exports the “Big Cats” throughout the world.

  • Civil

RPG Australia, Transarle, Shearform, Major Metals and many others.

  • Training

Victoria University uses CNC Plate Rolls to prepare future technicians in the latest high tech rolling systems.

  • Mining

Companies that service the mining industry have made huge gains in productivity.

  • Stainless Steel Components

Renowned companies specialising in high production component and vessel production, including Rheem Australia, Hilton Manufacturing, Heat & Control and others, which have all hugely benefitted with DAVI rolling systems.

  • General Rolling

The largest and most recognised companies Australia wide.

  • Wind Towers

DAVI Wind Tower Package is the most efficient rolling system available today holding around 85 per cent of the world market.

The Companies that service these Industries have all invested in DAVI Rolling Systems to stay ahead of their opposition by significantly increasing PEP.

Fabrication Equipment Supplies (FES) are suppliers of a range of machines including press brakes, guillotines, laser and plasma profile cutters as well as plate and section rolling machines, bandsaws and punch and shears.

Fabrication Equipment Supplies (FES) has been the exclusive Australian agent for high quality DAVI products since 2002.

The Managing Director of FES Mike Dye is committed to Service Second to None and will provide a no obligation PEP assessment for your business.

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