Daniel is a young man going places

Daniel Taylor was named the 2010 Trainee of the Year in the Illawarra Region, and a finalist for the 2010 NSW Trainee of the Year Award.

During his traineeship in Process Manufacturing Certificate lll, Daniel was employed by Edmen Recruitment.

His host employer was Calderys Australia, a refractory business in Unanderra, and he is now permanently employed there.

Daniel was promoted to production supervisor in 2009 and manages all site staff, production issues and goods logistics. Calderys were so impressed by Daniel’s dedication that last year they flew him to a sister plant in China for quality control training using state of the art equipment.

Daniel says it was an amazing experience, to learn about a new culture and see the differences in the way they work.

“It has definitely encouraged me to continue to travel in the future,” he says.

The Training Coordinator at Edmen described Daniel as a diligent and hardworking employee who likes to set himself professional goals. He has great leadership skills, is very understanding and provides enormous encouragement to his co-workers.

Since participating in the NSW Training Awards Daniel has been given the opportunity to manage a new project, the result of the first overseas contract the company has won, including training two new employees. This has been a steep but worthwhile learning curve for Daniel. He is now learning about a whole new side of the business and the various work that goes with it.

“Training others is very rewarding, says Daniel. “I have learnt a lot about myself in the process, especially if I have to think of different ways to explain things.”

Daniel has a good understanding of the need for training in the industry and of the qualifications that are relevant to his employment. He hopes that with his willingness to continue learning, and his dedication so far, he will in the future be able to relocate to overseas sites of the company to learn about other applications and work processes.

For anyone who is thinking about starting an traineeship, Daniel says: “It’s a great opportunity to become qualified while working in the industry you are interested in. You might even be able to get credit for things you have already learned, which can give you a great head start.”

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