Dairy Farmers Automatic Stretch Tape


Dairy Farmers - dairy products manufacturers.


Safetech's automatic stretch tape wrapping system provided Dairy farmers with a high speed pallet wrapping system that could apply stretch tape to pallets of yoghurt before chilling.

The Problem:

Stretch film was unacceptable to Dairy Foods because when applied to pallets it slowed the chilling process. Before the Stretch Tape Wrapper was installed pallets were chilled and stored unwrapped which created considerable difficulty in the despatch area.

Product Chosen:

The Safetech Semi Automatic Stretch Tape Wrapper and 3M™Scotch® Stretchable tape. This automatic stretch tape wrapper provides secure, stable wrapping at rates of up to 60 pallets per hour. Safetech also supplied the inflow and outflow conveyors as well as complete integration of the system into the palletising lines. More than 120 000 pallets were securely wrapped by this system in the first 12 months of operation.

Benefits of this Product

  • Products that require chilling can now be stabilised before being placed in the freezer.
  • Double handling of pallets eliminated.
  • Multiple semi auto stretch film wrappers no longer required in the despatch area.
  • Despatch times significantly reduced.
  • Enormous saving in waste plastic - up to 90% by volume.


  • Stretch film failed to allow product ventilation.
  • Netting was expensive, difficult to remove, can foul machinery and not available in an automatic system.