Cutting costs with SLS

Many companies around the world and in Australia are realizing the enormous benefits of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).  In fact; SLS is the fastest growing "Direct Digital Manufacturing" method of all layered manufacturing systems and is now readily known as the method of choice when sourcing low volume digitally manufactured parts.


As with any manufacturing technology, production costs drops with quantities. The more parts you order at any given time, the more cost effective SLS becomes.

The logic behind it

The main contributor to the overall cost of an SLS part is the vertical (Z) height. The more parts you produce at the same time in the same Z height, the more cost effective SLS becomes.

For instance; A "typical" set of 2 parts with a combined volume of 93000 mm3 and a Z height of 30 mm costs $383. If you order an extra set in the same order, the extra set could cost you as little as $50 extra.

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