A cut above the rest

Do you struggle to find quality cutting tools that will make your job easier?

The answer is the Sterling range of knives, cutters and blades distributed by Sheffield
Blades through trade and industrial outlets Australia wide.

Workplaces throughout the country have found that Sterling blades
increase productivity, decrease downtime and give the lowest cost for
every cut.

Sterling blades are manufactured in Sheffield, England, assuring consistent, quality cutting edges.

The edge is precisely ground to surgical sharpness ensuring maximum
durability when cutting the toughest and coarsest materials such as
carpet, rubber and fibreglass.

Using high carbon steel they are cryogenically hardened and tempered to
obtain the greatest flexibility and durability while maintaining the
integrity of the blade.

Sheffield Blades also offers an array of utility knives to suit all
applications – from fixed blade knives for carpet and rubber, to
retractable knives for industry.

Sheffield Blades
Ph: 02 4957 8787