Cura – the leading name in fall prevention

Cura is a latin word meaning “care” and cura products are designed to do just that. Cura offers a wide range of chair pads, bed pads and floor mats for use in aged care facilities and hospitals.

These pads and mats are designed to be connected to cura bed and chair monitors to assist caregivers to monitor the people in their care who should not be getting out of bed or up from a seated position without assistance. They also can be used to alert caregivers if a person in their care falls out of bed or falls from a chair or wheelchair.

All cura chair pads, bed pads and floor mats incorporate ultra sensitive durable contacts and the result is virtually no false alarms over the lifetime of the pad. All pads use anti-allergic soft PVC for optimum comfort and have vent holes in the neck away from main area to reduce the risk of moisture ingress. All pads also incorporate BreakCord technology and a strain relief grip on the cable attachment to help prevent damage to the cable and pad.

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